Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Biocera participated in Aquatech USA 2008 held in Las vegas

Biocera participated in Aquatech USA 2008 held in Las vegas and had a seminar in Texas on March. It was a successful exhibition and seminar for Biocera to introduce our products to USA market.

Biocera has been participating Aquatech from 2006 and emphasizing the importance of using Biocera’s ceramic ball and Alkaline filter. As a result of that, USA water purifier suppliers are getting aware of necessity of adding Biocera’s filter on their existing R/O type purifier.

It proved through lots of USA purifier experts who had visited our booth. They said that USA people are getting aware of the importance of the Biocera’s Alkaline filter more and more. Former visitors revisited to our booth and asked about our alkaline filter. And also magazine reporters specialized in water showed their huge interest to our products, so they rushed to our booth and interviewed Dr. Jeon.

Especially in Texas, Dr. Jeon who had visited there for seminar received a hearty welcome. As soon as he arrived at the airport, local TV interview was waiting for him. They interviewed Dr. Jeon about impression of Mc Allen airport and character of the seminar and others in detail. They shot Dr. Jeon’s every movement from arrival to riding on the car. Through these huge and warm welcome, we realized how much they are concerned about Biocera’s seminar regarding the water and health.

Next day, doctors, nurses, diabetics, hypertensive, rheumatoid arthritis and water purifier suppliers were gathering into the hotel to participate the seminar. They were showing big interest in relativity between disease and alkaline water. There was a presentation saying that some people had been improved their diabetes after drinking Biocera’s alkaline water. Especially Spanish were the very persons who enthusiastically showed their concern about that. The people concerned Mexico government attended the seminar asked to have the seminar in Mexico with the theme of water and health. And also we were informed by Texas State that they would prepare the seminar in medical center sooner or later.

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