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1. Consumption of BioCera Alkaline Water

Q.  For people with body that is alkaline, should he take less of BioCera water (as too much of alkaline water will lead to too much minerals in our body that can lead to kidney problem)?

A.  Absolutely not. Kidney problems come from acidosis mainly.
Therefore normal alkaline water can improve the kidney problems. But some electric ionizer water has too much calcium. That water can accumulate some calcium with acid wastes.

Q.  For people who are already taking health supplements with anti-oxidants, should he take less of BioCera water (as excess of negative active hydrogen emitted from BioCera water will not neutralize the free radicals and may cause harm to our body)?

A. BIOCERA alkaline water improves health with healthy supplements. Now human beings are too acidosis with air pollution, foods, drink, stress, cigarette, alcohol… We need absolutely more and more negative ions.

Q.  For people with body that is neither acidic nor alkaline, is it better for him to consume less BioCera water?

A. Every people need minimum 1~2 liters of waters every day for good condition

2. Dr. Jeon's Health Information

Comparison of BioCera alkaline water with other filtered water

Q. How is “Diamond” brand water compared to BioCera alkaline water in terms of:

- anti-oxidants properties
- alkaline properties
- medical grade quality
- virus removal
- FDA approval
- No. of stages of filters of Diamond filter
- Member-price of Diamond water filter
- Cost of Replacement parts of Diamond filter

A. We are not happy to be compared with such an old style and concept of water filter .
BIOCERA had supplied Energy ceramic balls to them from 2001.

Mr. Michael who is the president of NEP Diamond visited BIOCERA Korea and requested a help from us, new items and new ideas to survive their company in 2004.

We trained new rental marketing business to Mr. Michael and moreover introduced softening water filter maker directly when they are very difficult. But Michael and Mr. Tee (vice president) kicked off BIOCERA. And they survived with rental marketing method and even more GROWS now.

A couple of months ago, Diamond wanted to get supply a great deal of BIOCERA ceramic balls.

Q.  Is BioCera the best anti-oxidant alkaline water in today’s market?

A.  We are sure of that. Professional peoples in alkaline ionizer in UK, USA for 20 years, they had chosen BIOCERA natural alkaline, antioxidant water filters. Nowadays they and many other countries want to be BIOCERA partners eagerly.

Q.  Who are the other 3 to 5 close rivals of BioCera water (state their brand names)?

A.  Electric ionizers are already existed. But natural alkaline waters are new. Therefore until now it begins a new item. But already some copy makers came out. BIOCERA has been doing business since 1994 in nano technologies – sterilizing, vitalizing water and clean air pollution.

BIOCERA nano silver antibacterial, nano photo-catalyst and alkaline filters are passed FDA in USA and registered FDA. And moreover BIOCERA alkaline water purifier has been certified from KFDA as a medical device. Even more BIOCERA alkaline, antioxidant ceramic ball media were passed NSF the first in the world.

3. Delivery
Q. How fast I can get my order?

A. Our products are typically door-to-door delivery service for Singapore resident, others we dispatched by UPS / FedEx worldwide shipment from our showroom between 2 to 8 business days (actual time may vary based on origin and destination) from receipt of payment.

4. Singapore Representative:

* Selling Price $170 per Jug (Free Delivery)

*SMM Sales Marketing
 WA +65 9224 6333

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