Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Efficacy Test of Biocera Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Water

The Efficacy Test of Biocera Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Water

Soak one green tea teabag in tap water and Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Water.

The teabag in Biocera Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Water dissolves faster than that in ordinary tap water.
You can see the difference in color between the two bottles.

The same teabags were used but the results are different.

The results indicate that .
Biocera Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Water makes water molecules smaller and absorbed more easily 
by the body so that the metabolism of our bodies can be increased.
Biocera Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Water  helps to maintain your body balance by reducing blood sugar, neutral fat, 
cholesterol in the body and disposing of body wastes effectively.


lch3poser said...

I have just bought a Biocera 1.8L jug. Where can I buy the replacement cartridges?

Mohd Sulaiman Hafid said...

You can purchase sms 92246333